Mass adoption of blockchain tech is possible, and education is the key : ☺

NEO to partner with Chinas Blockchain Service Network to overcome major barriers for blockchain adoption.

A new bill before Congress asks regulators to put together a massive survey on the state of blockchain adoption and rank the U.S.s adoption relative to other nations.

Could the blockchain industry survive the new wave of blockchain tech mass adoption?

Admittedly, the aspirations of blockchain projects are big. The goal, at the end of the day, is to see widespread adoption and traditional companies leveraging blockchain solutions for speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

For most crypto enthusiasts and blockchain believers in general, any sign of adoption of a crypto or application of blockchain technology is good news and definitely a step in the right direction. This adoption has been felt in most sectors and recorded increase is still happening all over the world. The world of gaming is […]

According to a press release published April 12, 2019, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has partnered with blockchain firm Perlin to propel the adoption of the nascent technology among the 45 million member businesses it represents in more than 130 countries.

The advent of blockchain technology through Bitcoin brought about a different structure for the financial world. It made reliance…
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Gopi KK, Senior Vice President of Infosys, an Information technology consulting company says blockchain adoption will increase significantly in 2019 with the banking sector leading in its adoption, market participants’ collaboration and government-friendly policies will help to promote this growth, reported Gigabit on December 23, 2018.

The adoption of blockchain technologies by major outlets has been one of the most important developments to hit the community in recent years. As the crypto space continues to grow, the mass adoption of blockchain by institutional forces is a key facet of the effective innovation and development of blockchain tech all over the world. […]

If blockchain projects seek adoption by enterprises, their open-source license will have a material impact on the rate of adoption, say legal experts.

In a recent survey conducted by PwC, it has been found out that regulatory uncertainty and trust are the biggest hurdles in the adoption of blockchain technology. China a Rising Leader in Blockchain Adoption The survey Blockchain is here.

Thanks at least in part to Bitcoins incredibly bullish trend over the past 12+ months, cryptocurrencies are experiencing daily discussion within the public. With companies as large as Goldman Sachs and MasterCard opening blockchain divisions, its no secret that distributed ledger technology has massive application potential.

What IsKryptoPal? Kryptopal is a development platform for mass blockchain adoption. The platform seeks to develop applications, websites, POS systems, and IoT devices using the blockchain technologyfor FREE.

Blockchain is all the rage, yet investment and adoption levels remain small drops in a big ocean. To make…
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Bitcoin prices suffered on Wednesday, following the cryptocurrency-bashing opened by popular economist Paul Krugman and banking institution Goldman Sachs Chief Investment Officer Sharmin Mossaver- Rahmanis pessimism in mass adoption of blockchain technology for currencies.

Coinbases latest announcementheralds a WooCommerce plugin that makes it quick and easy to accept bitcoin and litecoin as payment methods on any WooCommerce-powered site.

Increased regulation, as long as it is done with industry cooperation and the aim of de-risking the broader market, will hasten blockchain adoption.

XRP is set to be added to Coinsquare, one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in Canada.
This is exciting news, especially as it falls in line within a period that is seeing extensive research carried out by the Canadian Central Bank into cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

On July 10, 2018, news broke that cryptocurrency wallet and decentralized exchange Bancor was hit with a hack. A wallet the Bancor team used to update the protocols smart contracts was infiltrated, and the $23.

Several brands paused their spending on YouTube advertising temporarily, until YouTube reassured them that it had taken measures to correct the issue. Indeed, blockchain in advertising is likely to be where well see the most rapid adoption.

Coinbase is taking steps to make worldwide adoption of cryptocurrencies easier. Starting August 2, the exchange will start rolling out support for the British pound (GBP) for its customers based in the UK.

Cryptocurrency adoption means that eventually, companies will start to offer salary and wage payments in cryptocurrency. Indeed, this is likely to happen within tech companies and blockchain firms first of all, but the premise is pretty clear.

Ripple officially announced that Bill Clinton, the USs 42nd President, will be the keynote speaker for its Swell 2018 event. Swell is an event organized by Ripple where global leaders in policy, technology, and payments meet to discuss.

Internet of Things could have finally found the vehicle for mass adoption and innovation it has been looking for blockchain. The open standard initiative for blockchain security, known as Blockchain Internet of Things (BIOT), could grow by humongous proportions in the next decade.

The cryptocurrency ecosystem is still in its early stages and as such, adoption is quite slow. In fact, studies show that in the U. S, only 8% of people hold cryptocurrency investments. Compared to the number of blockchain startups and projects that continue to emerge, competition is tough.

Blockchain technology has earned a great name for itself, as many industry leaders have turned to its likes to resolve existing issues and to focus on ways to maximize on efficiency, security and reduced costs to name a few.

Cryptocurrency adoption is taking a new shape in different nations while the US is still busy figuring out how digital currencies could be regulated. According to local sources, over 5,000 merchants in Chile are currently accepting payments in premier cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stellar Lumens.

Access to personal financial data and the emergence of blockchain technology have been the catalyst for a revolution in the banking sector. At the start of this year, banks within the European Union were ordered by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to grant customers access to their personal data.

Vitalik Buterin, founder of the second largest blockchain and the second most valuable cryptocurrency in the world, Ethereum, doesnt shy away from expressing his thoughts to the world. His most recent tweetstorm was focused on cryptocurrency ETFs, which he thinks are just a way to boost prices and not encourage real adoption.

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is helping HTC make sure its upcoming blockchain-powered phone has everything to please the regular cryptocurrency enthusiast. In a tweet from earlier today, Lee revealed he will be joining the phone-maker as an adviser, spearheading the development of the recently announced Exodus smartphone.

The Tron (TRX) team just announced an iPhone X giveaway competition for fans who post positive messages about the project on its social media. This is to celebrate the recent migration to its own blockchain (previously it used Ethereum), as well as increased collaboration with exchanges.

Gibraltar United will make history as the first football club in the world to start paying its players using cryptocurrencies. Through the club’s owner, Pablo Dana (who happens to be an investor in the Quantocoin blockchain project) all player contracts will include payment agreements in cryptocurrencies by the next football season.

Cache is a blockchain project that claims to make blockchain tools more accessible for developers and startups in an effort to increase effective, user adoption. The main factors that have contributed to the overall establishment of this project include the notions of assets, tokens, decentralization, and identity management to name the least. About Cache ICO […]

Possible-to come gov regulations are very welcomed by the blockchain start-up Ripple and its XRP token. This with the idea of afresh set up for the financial solution provider. Accordingly with its vision to grasp world-wide adoption and presence, the team is getting ready to create working grounds with the officials and regulators.

The specter of the deep web looms large over everything bitcoin does. You wont hear it mentioned by VCs funding blockchain startups, or by options exchanges applying for bitcoin ETFs, but the darknet is the reason were all here.

The future of crypto in Vietnam has been very uncertain of late. In fact, through 2018 all together, the country has remained very much on the fence about the future of crypto, including blockchain technology, currencies and projects that involve ICOs.

The Chinese city of Xiongan is set to become the site of a groundbreaking blockchain deployment program, the first of its kind anywhere in the world. According to the South China Morning Post report on July 23, the new blockchain development and deployment scheme is the product of a new partnership between Xiongan and global blockchain development company, ConsenSys.

Blockchain development shouldn’t be rocket science. At the moment, though, the development of the technology is complicated and can be confusing, making it difficult to produce meaningful applications that will achieve mass adoption for end users.

When IOTA was founded in 2015 by the quartet of David Sontesbo, Sergey Popov, Dominik Schiener, and Sergey Ivancheglo, there was little doubt that they were unto something that could potentially fast-track the mass-market adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Germany has opened its doors to the wave of new technology startups in Europe, and Berlin is quietly becoming the crypto capital of the continent. While regulations have played a role in this level of adoption, the ethos of the city falls right in line with that of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Ripple (XRP)–Ripple, the blockchain startup parent company that created the XRP cryptocurrency, has released somewhat disappointing figures for the second quarter of 2018. Ripple holds a vast amount of the total supply of XRP in an escrow account that will not be fully paid out for the next several years.

For many, the complex nature of crypto investing is an unsolvable enigma. Despite the potential for great returns, many are hesitant to jump in and navigate the complexities and uncertainties inherent in this space.

Singapore-based Qtum has launched its decentralized application (DApp) development platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With this launch, AWS users and developers will be able to develop and launch smart contracts using an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), made up of Qtum Core, Solidity and Qmix web IDE.

Malta Outdoors Its First Bitcoin ATM Malta, the country at the forefront of Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency adoption has scored another point by launching a first two-way Bitcoin ATM. Media reports indicate that the Automatic Teller Machine which can be found at the head office of the Quickelts on the Sliema seafront was unveiled in […]

The GibraltarBlockchain Exchange (GBX) has announced the launch of its cryptocurrency exchange, GBX Digital Asset Exchange. After a trial period with only 300 customers, the operator has gone live and open to the public in a mission towards large-scale adoption of crypto and institutional investment in digital assets.

Cryptocurrency has been gaining significant prominence and the topic of its mass adoption is well-discussed within the blockchain community. Majority of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, backed by their belief of crypto technology being able to change the traditional financial technologies, advocate for the ease of operation that will potentially be achieved after cryptocurrency is adopted by the
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While some jurisdictions in the world are still sitting on the fence about cryptos legal status, there are places like Costa Rica that are setting new standards for technology adoption. The small Latin American nation, known for its scenic beaches and perfect Caribbean weather, is now taking steps to let workers receive a part of […]
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Major airline Lufthansa has partnered with software giant SAP to launch a blockchain competition aimed to boost blockchain adoption in the airline industry. AnnouncedFriday, the Aviation Blockchain Challenge seeks “groundbreaking ideas” for blockchain applications that can advance the airline industry and lead on to pilot programs assisted by Lufthansa and SAP. The initiative comes as

Despite the disruption caused by blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is still facing plenty of challenges concerning adoption and possible legal restrictions. Again, this has not slowed down the increasing use of different cryptocurrency models all offering different possibilities.

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